Product Development - The Discussion

This is when the buyers sketch/specifications are converted to the actual garment. This is also when we will carry out the Initial Costing, Material Finalizing, Trims etc.

Proto Samples - The 1st Step

This will be the very first sample stage.

SMS Samples ( Salesman Samples) - The Preview

Directly after feedback from the Proto samples we will produce the SMS samples as per the buyers specified colour and quantities. On average it's about 50-100 pieces for each model.

Costing - The Value

During the production of the SMS samples, costing will be carried out, from which we'll get the buyers final approval.

Bulk Production - The Works

Right after we've received the Final Approval, this will be the stage in which the Garments are completely manufactured, the mass production.

Quailty Control - The Assurance and Reassurance

Having a professional team of QC checkers, the ideal, the flawless, the PERFECT product is delivered; guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Delivery - The Parting

Provides the buyer with well-timed delivery, Right on time conveyance.

Any Order Size - The Domain and Range

Atlantic Rim has the flexibility to undertake small orders. Staying in the Domain of Atlantic Rim, catering to a Range requests.

Payment Terms - The Trade

Such as Irrevocable Transferable Letter of Credit, Telegraphic Transfer etc..

Contact Info

Atlantic Rim Pvt Ltd
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Madiwala, Kotte, Sri Lanka.
P: +94 11 2799888
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