Our Beginning

The Company was born in 1994 with a mere four individuals, namely Mr.Pasan Madanayaka, Late Mr. Siri Uluwita, Mr.Jagath Amarasinghe & Mr. Sudath Deshapriya. With Mr. Madanayaka & Late Mr Uluwita's investment in the company, and Mr. Amarasinghe and Mr. Deshapriya handling the merchandising and production respectively, the company came to life. The company's preliminary motive was to serve the European market during a period where the industry served only the United Kingdom and the United States of America. With eleven customers to start with the company's grip on its clients didnt thrive to a point where Atlantic Rim was left with just two stable companies to work with, with loss of hope co-founder Mr Sudath Deshapriya then left Atlantic Rim (PVT) LTD. After this near death experience however Atlantic Rim grew stronger and expanded its office doubling its work strength. With constant dedication to the work, our clients were more than satisfied, and a strong customer-cleint relationship was formed. This regrettably was followed by the loss of Mr. Siri Uluwita in 2001. The company kept growing and showed no decline in its business, Atlantic Rim had a clear path for success ahead.

Our Current Sphere

Atlantic Rim now bears a work force of 15 individuals ready to meet the needs and requirements of our clients. This number however small may seem, is one of the core reasons why Atlantic Rim is now on top of its game. Remaining a essentially small Company, our Clients soon get to know the almost family like dozen plus Sri-Lankan employees on a first name basis from the managing director to the merchandisers to the quality controllers. This gives the flexibility and lighting speed necessary to make changes even to orders already in production.

We assists the client(s) long before an order is placed, from the production of prototype samples to its on-time delivery anywhere in the world. We offer buyers a hassle free service, and most importantly remove that element of uncertainty when doing orders direct with a factory. We provide a constant communication link so you know the exact state of your valuable apparel order. just like a smooth flight with reliable ground communication flight support.

We'll handle all your apparel orders as we produce Mens, Womens and Childrens wear and specialize in knitted as well as woven fabrics. With the recent addition of 100% Organic Clothing with GOTS certification its clear that Atlantic Rim has a soft spot for a greener, more eco-friendly, planet earth.

Based in Sri Lanka

Why produce in Sri-Lanka you ask? Apart from being serene and lovely country, Sri Lanka as renown as it is for our excellence in the garment trade, will be pretty much the best option and investment you could make, given the fact that Sri Lanka has habours which hold their place in history and is fully capable of all transportation means. But that would only be the technical advantages of our being in Sri Lanka, nothing could top our working enviroments, and fully interactive e-mail support. Sri Lanka also boasts of a good fabric base which means reduced delivery lead times. The main peace of mind you get? Our superior Human Rights and Factory Worker conditions. All these and more little little factors join together to form a worthy location for you to place your valuable orders.

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Contact Info

Atlantic Rim Pvt Ltd
37/22, Dharmapala Mawatha,
Madiwala, Kotte, Sri Lanka.
P: +94 11 2799888
F: +94 11 2799890
M: info@atlantic-rim.com